Bet Chaverim is a progressive, egalitarian, conservative-leaning, non-affiliated congregation in Howard County, Maryland.  We are looking for a part-time rabbi because our current part-time rabbi is leaving for a full-time position.

Primary Responsibilities include:


  • Lead, or co-lead, in partnership with members of the congregation the following services:
    • Two Friday evening and two Saturday morning Shabbat services per month (with room for growth)
    • Lead, or co-lead, an additional Shabbat service on special occasions
    • Work with the Religious Committee to plan a full program of High Holiday services; lead, or co-lead, HHD services, in partnership with lay or hired cantor; deliver a d’rasha at two HHD services
    • Lead, or co-lead, and/or teach for holiday services and/or programs
    • Encourage and support congregants who wish to lead Shabbat and holiday services, read Torah, lead Torah discussions and prepare High Holiday Divrei Torah


  • Create and facilitate adult programming to include leading Torah-on-Tap and working with committee to participate in additional adult programming activities
  • Oversee the preparation of B’nai Mitzvah students
  • Work with the Board of Trustees and congregational committees to create religious and educational events, as well as create and maintain a presence within the Jewish community of Howard County

Community Engagement

  • Work with the Board of Trustees to encourage unaffiliated households to participate in and join Bet Chaverim and our Sunday School through expanded outreach and innovative programming
  • Reach out to members and ensure they feel welcome, identify and meet their needs and encourage their participation in Bet Chaverim
Community Description:

Located in Howard County, Maryland, we are conveniently situated between Baltimore and Washington, DC.  This affords us as a congregation to have access to the dynamic Jewish communities outside of Bet Chaverim, not only within Howard County, but also located in both major cities.  Additionally, Howard County, and specifically Columbia, Maryland where we are located, has consistently been rated as one of the top 10 cities to live (Time Money’s #1 place to live in 2016).  Top-rated public school and library systems, as well as economic and social diversity, make our community a great place to live.

Work Remotely: no

What will make you stand out as a rabbi?

  • Help create a community that is welcoming and embracing of all households
  • Encourage discussion about religious topics, as well as synagogue practices, and realize that learning is a two-way street.  You are eager not only to teach, but to learn from and grow with the Bet Chaverim community
    Are enthusiastic about actively participating in both adult and child education programs
  • Encourage the congregants to actively participate in religious services, for example, having congregants give two of the four High Holiday sermons
  • Have ideas to help grow our community presence/community outreach
  • Are passionate about assisting us in increasing our membership
  • Provide pastoral services for Bet Chaverim congregants and help guide individuals in all stages of their life cycle




Position Start Date: Late Spring/Summer, 2018
Send resumes and cover letter to:

Please submit your CV/Resume to: betchaverim.business@gmail.com, along with a cover letter and/or personal statement.

About Bet Chaverim

Bet Chaverim is a progressive, egalitarian, conservative-leaning, non-affiliated congregation in Howard County, Maryland.  We are looking for a part-time rabbi because our current part-time rabbi is leaving for a full-time position.

Celebrating our fifth year with almost 100 family units, we continue to grow exponentially and are fiscally sound.  Our congregation has a warm appreciation for the diversity of today’s Jewish community.  We work together as a member-driven synagogue to provide a joyous Jewish experience that affords a variety of opportunities and experiences through which our members can fulfill their religious and spiritual needs.

Bet Chaverim prides itself in strongly promoting warm inclusivity for congregants from all backgrounds and of all ages. Emphasizing both adult and child education is an important part of our mission.  Torah-on-Tap encourages monthly casual conversation between the adults and the rabbi about topics of our choosing, over a beer.  We also have an active Rosh Chodesh group. Additionally, our innovative Hebrew School is leading the way in creating deeply enriching experiences, which promote lifelong engagement in Jewish learning and Jewish living.  The children learn that being Jewish is not just something that you “are”-- it is something you “do” every day.  Bet Chaverim also values inclusion of our interfaith members.