About Xavier University's Center for Faith & Justice

Xavier is a mid-sized Jesuit university with a commitment to providing it students with an experience consistent with Jesuit values of cura personalis and solidarity. Cura personalis means care of the whole person. For Xavier, this means wanting to offer students a chance for faith formation and community in their own religious tradition. Solidarity challenges us across boundaries. Nestled in a city with a vibrant and significant Jewish community, we hope this position brings together those local resources with our campus to provide a unique experience for Jewish students. Through interfaith work, we know this will also benefit the entire campus.

The Center for Faith & Justice (CFJ) serves students as they seek to grow spiritually, pursue justice and promote pluralism.

  • Interfaith Program Director and Jewish Chaplain

    Xavier University's Center for Faith & Justice
    • Full Time
    • 7 months ago